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Java Programming 1Web Engineering
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Software Engineering for Internet ApplicationsIntelligent Information Retrieval and Text Mining


Information RetrievalSoftware EngineeringComputer Security
Educational Background, Biography
1983: PhD in mathematics and physics (candidate of science according to the Russian classification) from Leningrad State University (Russia) 1983 - 2001: Research Assistant; Lecturer; Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics - Control Processes. 1989 - 1990: Visiting Researcher at the Free University Berlin, Institute of Computer Science (Germany). 2000 - present: Visiting Researcher; Associate Professor, Senior Associate Professor; Full Professor in the Software Engineering Lab at the University of Aizu. 2009: Fellowship under the Joint programme between the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), University of Agder, Norway.
Current Research Theme
Web Application Technologies
Key Topic
Text MiningSummarization of Wikipedia ArticlesInformation Security Apps
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Travelling, listening to audio-books, and riding a bicycle
School days' Dream
To get knowledge about everything, it was my school days' dream.
Current Dream
Every motivated student has many abilities. To display students' talents is my current dream.
When I was a school boy, my grandmother told me many times: All things that are created or done by you must be very good. Every time, when I start a new project, I recall these words.
Favorite Books
V. Pekelis, Small Encyclopedia of Big Cybernetics (in Russian), 1970. I received this book as an award at the graduation ceremony at my high school. I read it within two days. I understood that programming and computers is my major for university study.
Messages for Students
Every student should say him/herself: I must contribute to the society to get the leading positions for Japan in the world!
Publications other than one's areas of specialization
V. Klyuev, Handheld Electronic Dictionaries from Japan: What is new in the past three years? IXBT WEB portal,, 2007 (In Russian).

V. Klyuev, Let's note Panasonic CF-T2B: Combination of Lightness and Capacity. User's View, IXBT WEB portal, 2004 (In Russian).

Main research

Semantic Methods for Information Retrieval

A new trend in computer technologies to store all the data in the cloud is rapidly gaining popularity among computer manufactures, operating systems developers, and users. As a result, there is a strong demand for intelligent semantic search technologies supporting retrieval of appropriate information from the Internet.

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Computer Security

Internet security is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. The goal is to protect gadgets connected to the Internet.
The aim of this research is to study different types of security, ways to attack Internet gadgets, modern tools to use against attacks, etc. If you are interested in this area, please join us. There are many important problems awaiting solutions. You will find one of your interest.

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Web Apps with Machine Learning System TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a brand new machine learning system released by Google in November 2015 as an open source project under an Apache 2.0 license. Nowadays, mobile device users have accepted and come to expect accurate speech recognition, language translation, human-like interpretation of photos and videos, and anticipated search results. These are all the result of Google's machine learning.
Students involved in this research will begin to study TensorFlow in detail. They should find news application areas of this tool, for example computer security, opinion mining, etc. Designing a WebApp, running using this machine learning system, is the final goal of this research.

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Dissertation and Published Works

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