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Database Systems Laboratory
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Algorithms and Data Structures
Integrated Exercise for Software
Advanced Software Engineering
Test for Information Processing Engineer
Courses - Graduate
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Programming Strategies and Software Development Tools


Visual Programming Language, Programming Education, Data Mining
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JSPS Research Fellow PD Assistant Lecturer, University of Aizu Associate Professor, University of Aizu
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Introduction to C/C++ Programming with Online Judge, Yutaka Watanobe, Mainavi BOOKS

Dissertation and Published Works

Yutaka Watanobe and Nikolay Mirenkov, Hybrid intelligence aspects of programming in *AIDA, FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS - THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GRID COMPUTING AND ESCIENCE, Vol. 37, pp.417-428, ELSEVIER.

Yutaka Watanobe, Nikolay Mirenkov and Rentaro Yoshioka, Algorithm library based on algorithmic cyberFilms, Knowledge-Based Systems, 22, pp.195-208, ELSEVIER.

Yutaka Watanobe, Nikolay N. Mirenkov, Rentaro Yoshioka, Oleg Monakhov, Filmification of methods: A visual language for graph algorithms, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 19(1), pp.123-150, ELSEVIER.

Yutaka Watanobe, Nikolay Mirenkov, and Haruo Terasaka, Information resources of *AIDA programs, The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC).