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Courses - Undergraduate
Physical Education1
Physical Education2
Physical Education3
Physical Education4
Theory of Physical Education
Graduate Thesis
Excersise and Health
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Health & Sports Science
Professional Development
Positive Pedagogy for Physical Education
Educational Background, Biography
[Academic Degree]
Doctor of Health Science
Master of Physical Education

[Educational Background]
Doctoral Course of Graduate School, Niigata University of Health and Welfare, Major in Health and Welfare,2018
Master’s Course of Graduate School, University of Tokai, Major in Physical Education,1993

[Professional Background]
1993 University of Aizu (Assistant)
1997 Junior Collage of Aizu (Part-time lecturer)
2001 University of Aizu (Lecturer)
2010 Fukushima University (Part-time lecturer)
2010 Iwase General Hospital Nursing School (Part-time lecturer)
2012 University of Aizu (Senior associate professor)

[Sports Background]
1989-90 National Swimming Team Member of Japan
1991-92 Swimming Team Member of Club Wolverine (U-Michigan)
1989, 50M Freestyle (U-Tokai, National Record)
1989,90, 4×100 Freestyle Relay (JPN, National Record)
1995, 4×50 Freestyle Relay (Pref. Fukushima, National Record)
Current Research Theme
Key Topic
Eye tracking
Reflective approach
Tacit knowledge,
Affiliated Academic Society
Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences/ European College of Sport Science/ Japan Society of Human Growth and Development/ Japan Society of Educational Technology/ Japanese Society of Sports Psychology/ Japanese Association of Health Psychology/ The Japan Society of Coaching Studies/ Japanese Society for Studies on Educational Practice/


Pottering, Camp
School days' Dream
Japan National Swimming Athlete
Current Dream
School Management
A good way of living is to live smoothly and flexibly as like clear water by changing its shape
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