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Center for Language Research (CLR)
Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Listening & Speaking 1; Intermediate English A; Intermediate English B; Thesis Writing; Conversation Analysis & the Pragmatics of Spoken Interaction; Introduction to Cross-cultural Communication
Courses - Graduate


Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Sociocultural Theory
Educational Background, Biography
PhD in Education, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, 2017
Current Research Theme
Investigating the applicability of sociocultural theory to second language learning
Key Topic
Pragmatics, Sociocultural theory, Dynamic assessment
Affiliated Academic Society
British Association of Applied Linguistics, Japan Association for Language Teaching


School days' Dream
Current Dream
Favorite Books
The Better Angels of Our Nature, Steven Pinker
Messages for Students
Never be afraid of making mistakes; making mistakes is how we learn.
Publications other than one's areas of specialization

Dissertation and Published Works

Nicholas, A. (2016). Developmentally Sensitive Assistance and Development: Collaboration Between Japanese EFL Learners. Pedagogies: An International Journal 11(1): 22-42.

Nicholas, A. (2017). A Dynamic Assessment of Pragmatic Competence Among Japanese Learners of EFL: The Act of Requesting (Unpublished thesis, University of Exeter).

Nicholas, A. (2015). A Concept-based Approach to the Teaching of Pragmatics: Speech Acts in the EFL Classroom. ELT Journal 69(4): 383-394.

Nicholas, A. (2015). Developing a Sociocultural Assessment of the Requesting Speech Act. Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching.

Nicholas, A. (2014). Using Strategic Interactions in the Classroom. Perspectives (13), 2-7.

Nicholas, A. (2013). Error Correction and Feedback: Investigating Frequency and Types of Feedback in the EFL Classroom. Kanda Journal 2013. Tokyo: KUIS.

Nicholas, A. (2012). Scaffolding and Pairwork: A Sociocultural Analysis. In A. Stewart & N. Sonda (Eds) JALT 2011 Conference Proceedings. Tokyo: JALT.