What is the University of Aizu's proposal for the "Top Global University Project"?

In the "Top Global University Project", the University of Aizu aims at the nurture of innovative ICT talents to succeed on the world stage with the three-part concept of "Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability".

Based on the original founding philosophy, "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity", the University has three features: advance ICT education and research, professional courses provided in English, and the development of venture spirit. To become a global university in science and engineering fields, the University will continue to further develop international education.

In this proposal, the University will create an environment to lead the global education as a pioneering university in ICT field with the global education of over 20 years.

For the achievement of the goals, the following three concepts "Sprit, Technology, and Adaptability" are considered as the basis of the proposal.

"Spirit (Entrepreneurship)": Nurture of entrepreneurship challenging to the world with ICT innovation.

We will promote providing a practical education system including professional experience in global companies and ventures so that students can proactively design their own flexible learning process. With this education system, students can touch rich ideas and multicultural environment, and dream of creating technological innovation and ventures for contribution to the region and the world. Moreover, the students can aquire business-making capabilitites in the world and forster the regional identity through learning Aizu's history and culture, and Fukushima revitalization vision.

"Technology (Excellent Technical Capabilities)": Cultivation of strong competitive abilities to design, develop and utilize ICT

We will reconstruct the current education system and curriculum. To produce graduates with strong and international competitiveness, we will realize an environment for students to acquire basic knowledge of computer science and engineering, state-of-the-art research domain knowledge, and practical skills and ICT skills in advanced level. In addition, participating in revitalization projects with domestic and overseas researchers will make students grow as a "Technology Pioneer" through a global PBL (Project-Based Learning)

"Adaptability (Adaptation in Multi-cultural Environment)": Development of abilities to adapt, adjust, and integrate in a multicultural environment

We will form a place for students to polish their adaptabilities for the multicultural environment. For that, we will promote classes provided in English as well as internal bilingual meetings. Further, a multicultural experience environment will be created such as international parties with faculty and their families from over ten countries, English discussion organized by students and English classes for administrative staff.

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