Top Global University Project in the University of Aizu

What is the Top Global University Project?

The Top Global University Project aims to enhance Japan's research and educational competitiveness in higher education by supporting university reforms which promote internationalization and cooperation with top overseas universities. (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Site of Top Global University Japan

  • The "Top Global University" was proposed by "Education Reproduction Execution Meeting" launched by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  • It is a governmental policy to support the universities promoting world-class research and internationalization.
  • Enhancing international competitiveness of Japanese universities, there are two types of the Top Global University (i.e. type A and type B). Type A (Top Type) aims to rank in the top 100 in the world universities rankings while Type B (Global Traction Type) aims to lead the internationalization of Japanese universities. In total, 37 universities have been certified and selected based on the result of high competition and rigorous evaluation on the proposals.
  • Selected universities have shown their original ideas and plans toward the goals.
  • The University of Aizu was selected for the Type B category in September, 2014.
  • Out of the 37 universities selected for the project, there are only two public universities, Akita International University and the University of Aizu.
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