What is the UoA actually doing for improvement on university governance and globalization?

The improvement of the UoA's governance is going to be realized by increasing business efficiency, implementing the rapid-decision-making process, sophisticating the staff-development strategy, strengthening the IR functions, etc. As part of it, facilitation is also going to be promoted for creating well-organized environment on campus. We will improve equipment and facilities required for working environmental. In addition, a multi-cultural campus is going to be built so as to realize smoother communication with international faculty members and students.

Major Initiatives

Various administrative optimizations and improvements have been done.

[English in staff development] Upon assessment for employing administrative staff, a certain level of English skill is required. Once a week, English class has been held for administrative staff. This effort contributes on globalization of the entire UoA.

[Optimization of business flow] Based on requests from faculty members and administrative staff, the budget management system has been developed and installed. Further, paperless meeting is realized by using the tablets.

1. English class for administrative staff

On a weekly basis, English lesson is offered to administrative staff. This aims at improving awareness for establishing a multi-cultural campus. Furthermore, globalization of the entire campus including administrative staff has been promoted.

2. Environmental improvement

Facilitation and renovation which is necessary for conducting this project efficiently have been installed.

<Examples of facilitation>

- Installation of paperless-meeting system

- Installation of the honor's maker space

- Renovation of the Somei House

- Installation of the global lounge

3. Improvement of university governance

<Examples of objective indexes>

- Improvement on the ratio of female personnel to all faculty members/administrative staff

- Introduction of annual salary system

4. Establishment of various committees

Various committees are established for pushing forward the basic and special programs based on project of Top Global University. Names of the committee meetings are listed below:

 The committee for implementation and promotion of the project

 The committee for supervision and evaluation of the project

 Four promotion committees for four basic programs

 Four working groups for four special programs

 The project management committee

They are regularly held for working on implementation, promotion, and evaluation of designated focus of issues.

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