Innovation & Start-up Education Program

32_ISEP_EN.pngThe Innovation and Start-up Education Program supports students who are aiming to apply their skills that they are learning now to the future in the form of start-up business or side business.
Students brush up their technical skills, ability to anticipate the needs of markets and society, and teamwork skills through taking courses required for certification of this program and participating in the extracurricular activities.
Students also receive support for brushing up their business ideas and financial support if they want to start a business after completion of the certificate of this program.
Even if they don't start a business just after graduation, they can receive various support including preparing an independent business such as getting a patent for their ideas, becoming a solo proprietor while employed, and so on.

Requirements for Program Completion

Students will receive the completion certificate of the program by meeting the following requirements.

Course Code Course Title Minimum credits that are required for the completion of this course
OT01 Basic Knowledge Course on Starting Up Ventures I,II 2
OT02 Venture Experience Workshop 1 - 4 2
OT03 Student Cooperative Class Project (SCCP)
*Optional Course
OT09 Extracurricular Activity Course I 2
OT10 Extracurricular Activity Course II
*OT09/OT10: Up to four academic credits can be counted as credits required for graduation.
OT11 ICT Ventures Start-up and Management 2

Program accreditation requires students to take these designated courses as well as designated training and extracurricular activities. Please refer to the program guidelines for more information.

Support for Starting a Business

University of Aizu University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC)

The University of Aizu University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC) provides support for students who have completed the Innovation Start-up Education Program and want to work specifically on their start-ups.

Students receive the following support from UBIC's faculty members:

  • Consultation on management strategy
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Referral of tax accountants and other professionals

UBIC also runs the OUTSIDER program for students who want to improve their technical and communication skills.

The Local Venture Creation and Support Foundation

The Local Venture Creation and Support Foundation supports start-up companies to conduct stable business activities such as providing consultation on establishing a company, making a business plan, and business management. The foundation offers opportunities for students to exchange ideas with members of a local start-up company or a business manager.


The University of Aizu, Promotion Office for Top Global University (Prof. Mitsunaga)