[Announcement] The University of Aizu commences the "Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Schools Honors Program (Honors Program)" in AY2017.

Opening a trial of the Honors Program from October, 2016.




What is the Honors Program?

In general, it means exclusive program for the outstanding students with excellent GPAs or highly motivated individuals who have practical experiences. By offering intensive learning process, enriching of learning contents and giving various opportunities in education and research, the program enables students to improve their abilities further beyond. To this end, the class and the courses are arranged separately from the general scheme.

Starting from AY2017, our own unique program will be established as the Honors Program within the scheme of the University of Aizu Top Global University Project. Currently, two types of integrated five-year programs for Bachelor's and Master's degrees are available at the UoA. Program A - a four-plus-one system - consists of four-year-undergraduate and one-year-master's programs. Program B - a three-plus-two system - consists of three-year undergraduate program and two-year master's program. These programs will be reviewed. Redesigning the course prerequisites and timetables, new establishment of special curriculum, and various advantages for students shall be uniquely added to the new Honors program.

Outline of the "Honors Program" at the University of Aizu

Undergraduates who are registered in this program can take courses for Master's program and obtain credits of the Master's program. They are entitled to be assigned to labs at the early stage of undergraduate school, too. This features allocation of instructors and access to lab facilities in early juncture. Taking such advantages, all required courses for obtaining bachelor's and master's degree can be completed in five years after enrollment to the undergraduate school.

In general, it takes 6 years to obtain bachelor and master's degrees. However, the honors program reduces the duration to 5 years. The spare year can be used for challenges to various activities alternatively. In addition, the saved one year can be divided into multiple periods. For example, it can be divided into six months for something and other six months for something else. Full support will be provided for enrichment of the afforded one year.

A wide range of students' challenges are prepared.

- Overseas trainings

- Entrepreneurial experiences

- Competitions and contests

- ICT Support for developing countries

Outstanding students will be selected from undergraduates for participating in the honors program. An application opportunity will be given to the 1st and 2nd year undergraduates (freshman or sophomore) in every six months at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters. The assessment will be conducted by selection committee.

Benefits of the program

Benefits (Tentative):

- Special scholarship for the honors program

- Skip test

- Early assignment to laboratory

- Early commencement of graduation thesis

Special courses for honors program (tentative):

- Basic course for challengers and innovators

- Art of the study (research methodology basis)

- Programming contest preparation course

Support systems:

- Mentors for study and research support

- An environment for the honors program

- "Honors maker space" for realizing students' ideas (opened in May 2016)

Honors makers' space

With the increasing needs and remarkable development of ICT research fields such as embedded systems, IoT, and robotics, we will strengthen and support the education and research in these areas to students.

For students who are interested in R&D of manufacturing and hardware, a free development room - the honors maker space was developed. The space can also be used for seminars and workshops, and preparation to attend academic contests and conferences.

The honors maker space was opened in early May 2016 in south entrance side of the research building. The latest laser cutter and 3D printer will be set up in a glass open room.

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