September 13, 2017

The Students of UoA who had been dispatched to Silicon Valley Training Program for two weeks went back to Japan on September 5th.

During the stay, the students visited a lot of famous places in Silicon Valley: Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Stanford University etc.

Through the experience of interchange with the engineers and the teachers there, students learned international environment of the Silicon Valley that is leading the world.


On September 1st, a meet- up party named "Aizu Night" was held in Silicon Valley.


On September 3rd, the Silicon Valley Internship Program students of UoA attended the San Jose Mini Maker Faire.


The students of UoA showed their project products for local people at the Mini Maker Faire.


The last day in Hack Dojo, all the members of UoA Silicon Valley Internship Program took the photo, and said goodbye to Hack Dojo.

*The pictures of the UoA students at the Mini Maker Faire were introduced by the local media of California.


The Report Meeting will be held at the student cafeteria on Sep 29th. Why don't you come and share the great experience of the students!!

Time and Place: September 29th Fir 16:00~17:00 @Student Cafeteria

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