August 18, 2016

"Oku-Aizu Global Human Resource Project" was held on July 30 and 31, 2016. The object of the project is providing an opportunity for local junior high school and high school students to communicate with students from the top universities in the world (interns from Mitsubishi Research Institution, Inc. (MRI)) and consider local region with global perspective in order to get new values. Masashi Yoshida (4th year student), Hayato Watanabe (2nd year student), Pham Van Thanh (2nd year master student) and Victor Khaustov (1st year master student) at the University of Aizu (UoA) joined this project.

On the 1st day, "Oku-Aizu Open Seminar" was held in Mishima Resident Center. In this seminar, local junior high school and high school students gave a presentation about promotion of revitalization of local region and Fukushima prefecture. After the presentation, the interns gave them feedback with international view. The UoA students also proactively joined this seminar and exchanged their opinions with the local students and the interns. In the end of the presentation, some local students showed their intension to work on the revitalization in cooperation with UoA, which gave us a lot of expectation in the future.

On the 2nd day, "Aizu Nechu-jyuku" was held in Misaka Kougen. The students camped out and deepened their relationship through activities such as BBQ and Drone. Thanh Pham, a UoA 2nd year master student commented "It was very great for me to have a chance to join the program with high school students in Mishima-machi and university students from the US and UK. Through the program, I learned that there are many social problems such as depopulation and low birth rates which people have to deal with. I also had good time to enjoy BBQ and camping with the students."

Although "Oku-Aizu Global Human Resource Project" was a part of the intern program of MRI, the Promotion Office for Super Global University (SGU) at UoA joined the project as a part of "Fukushima Revitalization Support Program". In cooperation with local community, SGU will aim to contribute to solutions of local social problems through such activities, which leads to revitalization of Fukushima.


Oku-Aizu Open Seminar


Intercultural Exchange with the Interns



Debate with the local students and the interns

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