The Aizu Geek Dojo Demonstration for Students

September 10, 2020

On August 26th, 2020, the Aizu Geek Dojo demonstration event for students was implemented in the cafeteria "Rat-a-tat".

Aizu Geek Dojo is a coworking space with 3D printers and laser cutters etc. on campus that students and faculty can use freely to create whatever they want.
Aizu Geek Dojo has been used as a community space also for students who are interested in creating something and they can join easily. But to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it's now open on a limited basis with rules on the number of users, time, and so on.

In this situation, Student Assistants (SAs) wanted to show what can be done in Aizu Geek Dojo for students who have never use the place before, so they organized an event where they displayed their past works and 3D printers.

IMG_0641.jpgのサムネイル画像 IMG_0631.jpgのサムネイル画像

IMG_0637.jpgのサムネイル画像 IMG_0636.jpgのサムネイル画像

Nearly 30 students visited this event and they looked interested in the works, asked question to SAs, and watched a 3D printer in action.
Some of the students made a reservation for Aizu Geek Dojo at that time, and we could increase the number of new users.

Mr. Shun Okawara (undergraduate senior student), organizer of the event, said:

IMG_0643.jpgのサムネイル画像"One of the advantages of the past Aizu Geek Dojo was that students who were interested in creating something gathered regardless of their age. And freshmen also joined in the new school year and we could have a great time together. Nowadays it is difficult gathering together and being active because of COVID-19. Therefore we organized this event to introduce Aizu Geek Dojo. It was the first trial for us and we were glad lots of people stopped by our booth.
Students who have never used Aizu Geek Dojo may hesitate to take the first step. Most SAs also started creating something after they enrolled in university. If you are interested in creating something, please feel free to talk to us!"

Aizu Geek Dojo will continue to provide a place where students can take an active role with new normal measures.

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