AY2020 Alternative Program for Spring Internships was implemented.

April 12, 2021

The overseas internship programs which were supposed to be implemented in summer and spring AY2020 were canceled because of travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. Two alternative programs as below were conducted online instead.

  1. AI・IoT Technological Development Program (Silicon Valley Internship Alternative Program) 2021/3/1~2021/3/26
  2. China Business Training Program (Dalian Internship Alternative Program) 2021/3/8~2021/3/16, 3/22

AIIoT Technological Development Program - Activity Report

"AI・IoT Technological Development Program" was conducted for about 4 weeks as the alternative program of Silicon Valley Internship Program which was scheduled in summer 2020. Students learned the basic knowledge of the leading-edge AI technologies, and strengthened their development capabilities from the alternative program.

3/13/12: On-site Development Training using "Jetson Nano"

6 students participated in the program, and the first half of the training program was held on-site.

At the beginning of the program, two lecturers from FaBo, Inc. explained the current situation of IoT development in Silicon Valley and the basic knowledge of craftsmanship concerning AI・IoT.


After that, students took lectures on how to use and build a development environment using an AI mini-computer "NVIDIA Jetson Nano", sensor modules, and cameras separately, and started to make simple prototypes.

Though some students used "Jetson Nano" for the first time, they were able to give form to their ideas with their efforts and the help of teammates and lecturers.



▲Fusaka (B2) developed a wiper which a wiper automatically wipes removes water from glass by using image processing technology.


▲Mr. Tasaki (B2) developed a warning system to recognize a dog or a cat by camera in order to prevent the mischievous things by pets. Students reported their achievement of the former half of the program online in front of the engineers at NVIDIA Corporation in Silicon Valley in USA and answered the engineers' questions in English.


After that, students took a test offered by NVIDIA and obtained a certificate on "Jetson AI Certification".

3/153/26: On-line Development Training using "Arduino Nano"

During the latter half of the program was conducted online by a lecturer from ArtLogiq, Inc. at Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley where UoA has its own base.


In this training, students took lectures on how to use and build a development environment using "Arduino Nano", and communicated with the businessmen who are working successfully in Silicon Valley about the local situation and their actual business experiences.

Students proposed their ideas and developed prototypes using "Arduino Nano". Although it was a short period of two weeks, students exchanged opinions with lecturers and teammates, and refined each idea.

20210322_01 (1).jpeg

▲Mr. Sreepada (M2) developed a system that gives a crow rewards for picking up trash.

On the last day of the program, they made presentations online showing prototypes to 15 overseas students and engineers.


Students' Voice

Below are the students' voice after the program.

"It was my first experience to develop a hardware system and it became a very good opportunity to get curious about hardware system."

"I'm going to learn AI at university laboratory in earnest from April, so it was really great that I was able to learn the basic knowledge through the training programs."

"I already had a bit of knowledge about craftsmanship concerning AI・IoT, so I was able to review it through making things once again. I've made a prototype with 3D printer at Aizu Geek Dojo before, and I'd like to make it more precise next time."

"It was a kind of lighthearted experience to participate in the online program, but to be honest I wanted to go to Silicon Valley to enjoy the atmosphere! When travelling overseas would restart, I would really like to go there."

【2. China Business Training Program - Activity Report】

"China Business Training Program" was conducted for about 2 weeks as the alternative program of Spring Dalian Internship Program. Students learned ICT business from a lecture at Dalian Neusoft University of information (DNUI) in Dalian City, China and finalized their business ideas.

In addition, they visited Alps Alpine co., ltd in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

3/83/16: China ICT Business Online Training

9 students took online classes to learn China ICT Business offered by a lecturer at Dalian Neusoft University of information in DaLian City (DNUI), China.

Students at DNUI also participated in this program together. They teamed up with students of UoA to think about the practical business ideas.

On the last day of the program, each team reported their results in English about their business ideas and prototypes.



3/22 1-day Visiting at Alps Alpine co., ltd

After completing the online training, they visited "Alps Alpine co., ltd" in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Students learned about business deployment in Japan and China from employees, and had a look around the development sites. It became a productive and interesting trip for students.


Student's Voice

▼ Mr. Sato: It was harder than I expected that we teamed up with Chinese students and worked on task because we had not used to communicate online each other. However, all team members got fired up toward presentation on the last day, and we finally made a good presentation.

I found the difficulty to implement the ideas we came up with and the importance to develop from the viewpoint of marketing. It was very meaningful experience that I participated in this program.

During a site visit to Alps Alpine co., ltd, I felt their free corporate culture which they take good care of thinking outside the box, and listened to the actual business by the employees who graduated from The University of Aizu.



Though the internship programs under COVID-19 Pandemic can not be conducted as usual, students earned fruitful experience in the alternative programs by putting a lot of thought into their work and initiatively cooperating with lecturers and teammates.