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Professors in the CLR have a variety of research interests and publish widely. Some of them have their own labs and supervise undergraduate and/or graduate students there, while others carry out their research in the classroom or in other venues. Professors in the CLR have a proven track record of successful grant applications at the national, prefectural, and university-internal levels.


Various sources of funding exist for CLR professors and we have been very successful at obtaining funding at all levels: (1) funding at the national government level - a.k.a. "kakenhi", (2) funding at the Fukushima prefectural level - a.k.a "kenzaidan", and (3) funding available internally at the U of Aizu - "Competitive Research Funding".

Current grants:

Years (April – March) Professor(s) Role Title
2020–2023 Ian Wilson P.I. Articulatory settings of English, Japanese, and Chinese bilingual and trilingual speakers
2020–2023 Debopriyo Roy & John Blake P.I. & Co-Investigator Preparing Computer Science Students for Job Interviews with English Video Production and Analysis
2020–2023 Akitsugu Nogita P.I. 英語の「ルビ」を使った発音動画の小学校英語での効果検証:中国語教育の応用
2020–2023 Peter Ilic & Debopriyo Roy P.I. & Co-Investigator Using Machine Learning to Identify Learner Styles across Devices in Online EFL Lessons
2020–2023 John Blake Co-Investigator Cross-disciplinary approach to prosody-based automatic speech processing and its application to computer-assisted language teaching
2020–2023 Ian Wilson Co-Investigator インターフェイスにみる英語プロソディの習得と視覚情報を活用した学習法の開発
2019–2022 Allan Nicholas & John Blake P.I. & Co-Investigator Developing a diagnostic language assessment of Japanese EFL learners' English language email writing
2019–2022 John Blake P.I. Feature visualizer and detector for scientific texts
2019–2021 Jeremy Perkins P.I. Psychoacoustic roughness as a measure of glottalization in consonants
2019–2021 John Blake Co-Investigator 役割語分析で英語のアカデミックライティングスキル向上を目指す地域貢献型PBL
2018–2021 Younghyon Heo & Jeremy Perkins P.I. & Co-Investigator Using Google Translate for Academic English Writing Instruction
2016–2021 Emiko Kaneko P.I. 困難度情報付き絵プロンプトの開発と、その特性のL2発話への影響

MORE grants that current CLR members hold or have held in the past


A list of some selected publications by current CLR professors can be found here: PUBLICATIONS.


Within the CLR, there are currently 4 labs:
CLR Phonetics Lab ● L2 phonetics, Aizu dialect, ...
Technical Communication Lab ● human-computer interaction, tech. docs, ...
Texts and Tools (TNT) Lab ● online tools helping people learn English
Speech Communication Lab ● L2 English spoken and written communication