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Education at UoA

About Computer Science and Engineering

What do you think about when you hear the word "computer?" Life today is made possible by countless computers. Our lives are made up with the help of many computers. The computer science and engineering taught at the UoA can be applied to every field. What field will you apply computers to? Find your answer at the UoA.

UoA Initiative


  • スーパーグローバル大学創成支援
  • グローバル推進本部国際戦略室
  • 国際産学連携人材育成プログラム<br>国際IT日新館

Talent Development

  • パソコン甲子園
  • 会津SLF協議会

UoA Research in Action

  • 座位姿勢頭部傾斜角計測アプリ<br>「iRodin」

Regional Development and Industrial Creation

  • 先端情報科学研究センター<br>CAIST
  • UBIC<br>産業イノベーションセンター