Global Lounge

◆ Global Lounge is located in Research Quadrangles 127 and is a space where international and Japanese students can easily deepen their understanding of different cultures and improve their language skills.

Specific activities:

◆ During a lunch break, students enjoy learning languages with interactive games, such as "Let's speak in English", "Let's speak in Japanese", and "Let's learn Chinese language". In addition, international students regularly "International Talks" is called to introduce their countries to deepen their understanding of different cultures.

◆ Many students make a lot of friends through activities and study with international students, have improved their English, and expanded their wide varietie of exchanges. Students can use the lounge freely during their free time.

◆ The glogal lounge is also often used by Japanese tutors to teach Japanese language to international students. Since students teach Japanese through English, their English skills have improved and it has been a good chance for them to realize the difference between English and Japanese.