On Saturday, August 30, 2014 the event "Invitation to Space - An Information Session on Universities With Space-Related Programs -" (*1) was held, with participation by "Space Job Hunting" (*2) and 16 universities, primarily from the Kanto area. 150 people, mostly junior and senior high school students, attended the event.

Part 1 was an overall lecture session. Afterwards, Part 2, the university information session was held. There, each university passed out pamphlets and provided introductions of the university, its laboratories, and its space-related research. Further, each university also distributed information on admissions requirements, while also answering questions regarding test items, and providing career path advice. Around 20 attendees came to the UoA booth (photo). All of the faculty members of UoA ARC-Space (*3) hope that this information session further deepened attendees' interest in space, astronomy, and planetary science.


*1 Invitation to Space - An Information Session on Universities With Space-Related Programs -:
An information session primarily targeted at junior and senior high school students interested in researching space at a university.
*2 Space Job Hunting:
"Space Job Hunting" is a student organization that plans and operates job-hunting events by attracting space-related companies. Their concept is "think about the space industry as a place to work."
*3 ARC-Space:
The Space Informatics Cluster of the Research Center for Advanced Information Science and Technology (CAIST).
ARC-Space was established on April 1, 2009 in order to leverage the UoA's advanced informatics capabilities in Japan's deep-space exploration program, and to turn it into a hub for providing Geoinformatics, GIS, and Exploration Support software.

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