On Tuesday November 7, 2017, Professor Tsukahara (※1) received the 31st Radio Engineering & Electronics Association Award from the Radio Engineering & Electronics Association (※2) at Hotel Mielparque Tokyo for his contributions to the research, development, and practical use of high-frequency circuits for digital wireless communications.





Photo Courtesy of Mr. Takeo ICHIKAWA, Office Director of the NTT's Technical Promotion Division


Summary of achievements:

  • In the research and development of the radio-frequency (RF) circuits for digital wireless communication, Dr. Tsukahara developed LSIs for PHS handheld units with low-voltage operation and low-power consumption, devising the new multiplier that can operate at a very low-supply voltage and surpassed the state of the art in those days, and then he greatly contributed to the business introduction of the PHS system.
  • Regarding MMIC development for the 19-GHz-band high-speed wireless LAN, he led research and development of the log / limiting amplifier corresponding to the high-speed burst signal and the LSIs for high speed modulation and demodulation, and he made a substantial contribution to the practical use of the system.
  • He pushed the research and development of high-frequency low-voltage CMOS circuits forward and led RF-CMOS technology in Japan including the research and development of ICs using CMOS/SOI for very low power radio handsets, and he made a significant contribution to the development of the field.

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