On Thursday, December 7, 2017, the IEEE Sendai Student Awards 2017 ceremony was held at the main building of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication in Tohoku University. At the ceremony, Yasuyuki MARUYAMA (4th-year undergraduate student supervised by Professor Toshiaki MIYAZAKI ※1) was awarded the Encouragement Prize.

The prize winners were decided based on the evaluation results of the presentations made by students at the 2017 Tohoku-Section Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers (※2), which was held at the Bunkyo-cho Campus of Hirosaki University on August 24 (Thu) and 25 (Fri), 2017.

IEEE Sendai Section (※3) is one of the regional sections of IEEE, the world's largest society for electrical engineering and electronics. The Encouragement Prize is aimed at fostering young researchers who plan to participate in international conferences through encouraging them to improve their skills for writing and conducting presentations in English and to develop international perspective.

Yasuyuki MARUYAMA (left)




<Comments from Yasuyuki MARUYAMA>
I am very glad to receive this prize. I am full of gratitude for Prof. Miyazaki and my seniors in the lab who supported my research.


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