HST921とCAIST医学・医療クラスターの教育連携合意に基づき、Steven Locke博士が医学・医療クラスター特別アドバイザーに就任しました。今後、本学における医療分野のコンピュータ情報科学研究に助言等をいただくことになります。

Steven Locke 博士の紹介(*英文のみ)
Lockeheadshot2006Steven E. Locke, M.D. is a research psychiatrist at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation and at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Dr. Locke teaches at Harvard Medical School as an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is a member of the Affiliate Faculty in the Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST) and since 1998 has directed a course on technology innovation and e-health (www.hst921.org).
Dr. Locke is also the founder and chief executive officer of Veritas Health Solutions LLC, a Boston-based behavioral telehealth consulting firm specializing in technology-supported self-care, behavioral health, and disease management.
Dr. Locke did his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
He completed residency training in psychiatry at Harvard's McLean Hospital and then completed post-doctoral fellowships in psychosomatic medicine and research training in biobehavioral sciences at Boston University.
He is past-President of the American Psychosomatic Society and has held leadership roles in professional organizations and has organized meeting programs in behavioral medicine, telehealth, clinical informatics, and disease management.
A popular lecturer and teacher, Dr. Locke has been a keynote speaker at events in the US, Europe, and Asia and chaired the annual Summit on Behavioral Telehealth held in Boston in 2007 and 2008.
He was awarded the Stangler Prize for Innovation in 2008 by the American Association for Technology in Psychiatry and in 2009 became a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.
Dr. Locke also maintains a part-time practice of primary care psychiatry and behavioral medicine in Wayland, MA.

Revised: January 2010