Silicon Valley internship program (*1) Following an explanation of the program its supervisor Associate Professor Junbo Wang (*2), six students talked about what they experienced while three teams of three students gave presentation on their achievements. After the student reports, the Director of Promotion Office for Super Global University (SGU) / Professor Mizuo Kansen (*3) made a report, and the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Executives /Vice President Tei Shigaku (*4) summarized this internship.

Students talked about the valuable experience they gained regarding leading edge technologies by listening to a talk by the inventor of the SD card, visiting the Stanford University Techshop (DIY workshop), taking a tour of SAP (PaloAlto-Labs), and attending a Mini Maker Faire. During the internship group accomplishment reports, the students talked about the smart watches and other devices they developed, as well as the development process.

The participants expressed how they would like to make a use of the valuable experience gained in Silicon Valley in their future activities.

svalley2801.jpg svalley2802.jpg
Report by Keisuke Kato (2nd-year master's student) (left), Accomplishment report by Yusuke Nakayama (4th-year undergraduate) (right)

svalley2803.jpg svalley2804.jpg
Scene at the debriefing site (left), Participants comment on their internship program (right)

*1 Internship Program
*2 Associate Prof. Junbo Wang
*3 Prof. Mizuo Kansen
*4 Prof. Tei Shigaku

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