Internship Program in Silicon Valley

ŸWhat is the Silicon Valley Internship Program

  • Stay in Silicon Valley for 2 weeks and develop a system through communication with local engineers; visit local companies or universities.
  • The main activities will be conducted at Hacker Dojo, a cooperating office in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs to develop ideas.
  • Lectures and instruction will be given by people who have long-time entrepreneurial/development experience in Silicon Valley.
  • Experience can be gained in all stages: procurement of parts, product development, product presentation to venture capitalists, and so on.

What is purpose of the internship

  • Learning about the world's cutting-edge technological developments
  • Experiencing a global development atmosphere
  • Networking with top engineers in the IT field
  • Experiencing and understanding the entrepreneurship culture in Silicon Valley
  • Knowing global needs, you can develop new products and services from a global point of view in the future

Recruitment information

  • Applicants8~10 students per year from the University of Aizuundergraduate and graduate school
  • Time period2 weeks in August or September
  • Location: Hacker Dojo 599 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043


  • Lecturers People who live and work in Silicon Valley for many years, and have rich experience in internship programs in Silicon Valley, as well as some faculty members of the University of Aizu
  • Internship content Prototyping by integrating software and hardware, by understanding Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, attending "Meetup" meetings, presentations, and visiting start-up & venture companies.
  • Financial Support Flights and tuition will be covered by the University of Aizu. Food and living expenses, insurance fees, etc. will be covered by students. (There may be changes. The details will be decided and announced later.)

Past internship

Period: Sept. 13 ~ 27, 2015


Developing IoT prototype systems and doing product presentations

Communication with local engineers

Visiting Stanford University, local start-up and local venture capital companies

Investigating and discovering the spirit of Silicon Valley, and making connections with many visitors/creators there

2015 Internship Photos


Procuring Components




Attending a "Meetup" Meeting


Making a Final Presentation

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