On Wednesday, November 24, we will hold an international talk using Zoom. Students from the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Landshut (Germany)(※1).will also participate in this special edition. (Participation is limited to students, faculty and staff of the universities.)
This time, Mr. HIDAKA Masato, a graduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Aizu, will introduce student life and his research at the University of Aizu and the Aizu region in English. This is a great opportunity to connect with students of UAS through Mr. Hidaka's introduction of his student life.
Because of the time difference between Germany and Japan, this event will start at 17:00 (Japan time).
The link to join Zoom will be sent to you by campus email.

For the details of this event, please access the OSIP website, Upcoming events and activities (※2).
For the other topics & news, and Global Lounge, please access the OSIP website (※3)(※4)


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