Welcome to the JLab

We are a Wearable Motion Capture (WMoCap) research group at the University of Aizu. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly connect human actions with the ubiquitous network.

To this end, we have developed some digital artifacts like schoolbag, tile, ring, toothbrush, pen, wristband, and gloves. The artifacts are designed to keep their original form factors and interaction method to achieve good affordance.

In the process of developing the different MoCap artifacts, we notice that many common issues could be found across the different MoCap applications.

Therefore, we started to work on a wearable MoCap platform named WonderEngine, which encapsulates the necessary hardware and software for human motion measurement, record, and analysis.

The WonderEngine platform has been applied into several hands-on curriculums of motion capture and recognition. In addition, WonderEngine is also applied into the R&D of the MoCap products.

We are located at Aizu-wakamatsu city, a historical city (more than 600 years) of Japan. In Japanese, Aizu”会津” means meeting here. We are open mind to the world, and welcome the world-wide talented people to meet up at JLab.

We are looking for self-motivated new PhD students and Master students to join the Lab (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from The University of Aizu, JSPS, Mitsubishi Pencil, Ai-Net, and RICOH.


29-30, Aug. 2019, Place:Bigsight, Tokyo

Lab R&D Exhibition on Innovation Japan 2019

11, Aug. 2019, 10:00~14:00 Place:S8

Open Lab

24, Jul. 2019, 16:00~17:30 Place:S8

2019 Mini Lecture 3 on Pattern Recognition

3, Jul. 2019, 16:00~17:30 Place:S8

2019 Mini Lecture 3 on Deep Learning

19, Jun. 2019, 16:00~17:30 Place:S8

2019 Mini Lecture 2 on Fourier Series, Fourier Transform, and FFT

05, Jun. 2019, 13:30~15:00 Place:S8

2019 Mini Lecture 1 on Quaternion and Rotation

01. Jun. 2019

The New Lab website launch

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