Advanced Operating Systems

If you are interested in taking this course, please read the prerequisite in the syllabus and check if you satisfy these requirements. If not, please contact the instructor and also take appropriate course(s), such as undergrad operating systems beforehand. It is advised that taking a course without reading the syllabus, (or just filling the empty slots of your course schedule, like a puzzle) is not a good idea and is likely to lead to an unfavorable result. Advanced Operating Systems is one of core courses in the graduate program at the University of Aizu, to be offered from the 3rd quarter of AY2013
Course No. SYC07
Instructors: Dr. Hitoshi Oi (Course Coordinator)
(Assistant Professor, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Group.)
office: 242-C
office hours: by appointment only
email: hitoshi©
phone: 2580

Dr. Alex Vazhenin
(Associate Professor , Active Knowledge Lab.)

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Tentative Syllabus

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Hitoshi Oi