Robust Cognitive Brain-inspired Cross-paradigm System
We investigate an innovative cognitive brain-inspired system that mimics the mammalian brain's information processing. The system supports a sequence of processing tasks (i.e., a stream of events from sensors), produces intelligent behavior, and adapts to the environment. For a proof of concept, we have prototyped a reliable three-dimensional digital neuromorphic system geared explicitly toward the 3D-ICs biological brain's three-dimensional structure (R-NASH), where information in the network is represented by sparse patterns of spike timing and learning is based on the local spike-timing-dependent plasticity rule. R-NASH enables real-time and low-power solutions targeted at full-custom VLSI and FPGA integration.
Computing with Spiking Neural Networks
We aim to understand the role of spike-based learning in brain-inspired systems considering various constraints that are not usually taken into account in simulations, such as the effect of variability in the neural network parameters or the impact of bounded weights in the learning/training phase. We study how a cluster of spiking neurons compute and communicates information with different learning and plasticity mechanisms such as short-term or long-term potentiation. We also explore how these networks can be realized efficiently on silicon.
Neural Interfaces for Advanced Prosthetic Limbs
Current upper limb prostheses do not afford amputees with high-quality control due to the lack of vital information such as hand opening and contact force.
investigate novel adaptive prosthetic and robot hands with sensorimotor integration and tactile sensing based on biological signal discrimination with neuromorphic circuits to restore hand function movement for people with amputations or neurological disorders.
Besides developing the neuromorphic circuit and system components, our main focus here is constructing and analyzing neuromorphic agents (i.e., hand, memory) integrated into cybernetic chains of action in which nervous systems engage in closed interaction with their bodies and environments.  
Recent Research/最近の研究
School of Computer Science and Engineering
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Ben Abdallah Abderazek
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