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We investigate neuromoprhic computing systems and novel architectures that deliver adaptivity/self-organization, energy efficiency, and performance for various application domains and social needs. Our current focus is to understand how information is processed in the brain and how the brain circuits adapt to and learn from the environment. We study spike-based processing, develop reliable low-power digital circuits and systems that exploit the physics of silicon to reproduce the biophysics of biological neuronal systems, analyze the use of emerging memory and dendrite-interconnect technologies integrated into neuromorphic architectures. The goal is to apply this understanding in developing novel devices and systems targeting specific applications, including real-time neuromorphic prostheses and autonomous intelligent agents capable of real-world interaction.

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School of Computer Science and Engineering
The University of Aizu
〒965-8580 Aizu-Wakamatsu 965-8580, Japan
Ben Abdallah Abderazek
Office phone: 0242-37-2574 (3224)
Email: benab@u-aizu.ac.jp
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