SGU KAWARABAN(Newspaper) is update report for the proposal of Center for Globalization.

NEW! No25_SGU_KAWARABAN_Spring_2020.pdf

Topic of No.25 Spring 2020 is "BIG Increase in the number of applications for AY2020 ICTG program!".


Topics of No.24 Winter 2019 is "Contest Participants and Winners Appeared One after Another".


Topics of No.23 Autumn 2019 is "2-weeks Internship program in Silicon Valley completed".


Topics of No.22 Summer 2019 is "Joining JP students to the ICTG course in Q3".


Topic of No.21 Spring 2019 is "Japanese students are welcome to join the ICTG course".


Topic of No.20 Dec 2018 & Jan 2019 is "Healthcare Hackathon".


Topic of No.19 Oct & Nov 2018 is "Silicon Valley Internship Report".

No18 SGU KAWARABAN Aug&Sepl 2018.pdf

Topic of No.18 Aug & Sep 2018 is "English Skills and TOEIC Test".

No17 SGU KAWARABAN Jun&Jul 2018.pdf

Topic of No.17 Jun & Jul 2018 is "Increase of International Students and Financial Support".

No16 SGU KAWARABAN Apr&May 2018.pdf

Topics of No.16 Apr & May 2018 are "Overseas Study Report AY2017" and "Encouragement for Overseas Study".

No15 SGU KAWARABAN Feb&Mar 2018.pdf

Topics of No.15 Feb & Mar 2018 is "Discovering and Educating of Talented Students".

No14 SGU KAWARABAN Dec&Jan 2018.pdf

Topics of No.14 Dec 2017 & Jan 2018 is "Feedback from Students for TGU project".

No13 SGU KAWARABAN Oct&Nov 2017.pdf

Topic of No.13 Oct & Nov, 2017 is "Gaining Badges! ~Challenger Badge System~".

No12 SGU KAWARABAN Aug&Sep 2017 rev1.pdf

Topics of No.12 Aug & Sep, 2017 are "Providing the Badges to Students ~Challenger Badge System~" and "Enrollment of Int'l Students ~ICTG~".

No11 SGU KAWARABAN June&July 2017.pdf

Topics of No.11 June & july, 2017 are "Silicon Valley Internship Program" and "Special Courses for 1st & 2nd Year Students".

No10 SGU KAWARABAN April&May 2017.pdf

Topics of No.10 April & May, 2017 are "Center for Globalization Opens!" and "Intermediate Evaluation of SGU Project".

No9 SGU KAWARABAN Mar 2017.pdf

Topics of No.9 March, 2017 are "Implementation of Honors program from AY 2017" and "Course Syllabi of English Version".

No8 SGU KAWARABAN Feb 2017.pdf

Topics of No.8 February, 2017 are "Trial Operation of Challenger Badge System", and "Intermediate Evaluation of SGU Project".

No7 SGU KAWARABAN Jan 2017.pdf

Topics of No.7 January, 2017 are "Request for Cooperation of Student Class Evaluations", and "Special Seminar of Culture and History of Aizu ~ICTG~".

No6 SGU KAWARABAN Dec 2016.pdf

Topics of No.6 Decemcer, 2016 are "English Version of Course Syllabi", and "Student Recruitment in Hong Kong".

No5 SGU KAWARABAN Nov 2016.pdf

Topics of No.5 November, 2016 are "Expansion and Enhancement of Abroad Recruitment ~ICT Global Program (ICTG)~", "Opening 'Basic Manufacturing Course' ~Trial of Honors Program~", "Ahead of the Schedule for 'Intro. Comp. S&E' ~ICTG~", "Requested for Opening New Courses from Students of ICTG".

No4 SGU KAWARABAN Oct 2016.pdf

Topics of No.4 October, 2016 are "Opening Report Meeting of Silicon Valley Internship Program 2016" and "Entrance of advanced ICT Global Program All English course students".

No3 Special Issue SGU KAWARABAN Aug 2016.pdf

No.3 Augst, 2016 is special issue of ICT Global Program All English Courses. Topics are "Information about the Overseas Undergraduate Students", "Support System for Overseas Undergraduate Students", "How to Implement the All English Courses", and "Immediate Arrangement in Q3 and Q4".

No2 SGU KAWARABAN July 2016.pdf

Topics of No.2 July, 2016 are "Special Lecture of Mr. Claude Leglise, Executive Director, Center for Innovation Leadership, SRI Internatinal", "MoU with Northeast University at Qinhuangdao, China was signed", and "Nine students have been selected for Silicon Valley Internship Program".

No1 SGU KAWARABAN June 2016.pdf

Topics of first publication June, 2016 are "Inaugurated the University of Aizu Overseas Office in Silicon Valley", "English test for Chinese high school students applying to UoA was held", "A makers room is ready for honors students", "Challenger Badge System has been developed by an alliance of Aizu venture companies", and "Welcome Party 2016 in Spring".

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