What is the Honors Program?

In general, honors programs in a university are for excellent students, and they offer different classes and subjects from general courses. The programs are dedicated to excellent students with high motivation who are willing to make a challenge, and they provide an environment for hands-on experience, additional challenging courses, and various benefits.

The honors program at the University of Aizu is a program which can bring out student's ambitions and help students develop. In some cases, students don't know how to realize their ideas or where to start, even if they have some wish to create new things. The students may have anxieties about their abilities. In our program, we provide support for students to remove their anxieties and gain confidence.

Students usually need six years to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree. Those in the honors program, however, can graduate with both degrees in only five years. The students can save one year and have time to do various activities, such as studying-abroad, trials for starting up venture companies, internship, volunteer activities, research, and participating in programming contests by entering the program and using our support.

The honors program officially starts in 2017. However, we plan to have various trials in 2016, including new courses for those in the honors program. So freshman (1st year students) can have an opportunity to participate in the trial. If you have any questions about the honors program, please contact us.


Q1 How do you select the students for the honors program?

A1 We select students based on their exam results during the first half year in the University of Aizu, recommendation from teachers, or self-recommendations.

Q2 How many students will be selected for the honors program in one year?

A2 We estimate about 20 students.

Q3 What is the benefit to enter the graduate school?

A3 You can obtain specialized knowledge and skills, and have more experience. Specifically, the undergraduate school is for acquiring fundamental knowledge. On the other hand, the graduate school is mainly to test your own ideas and create new knowledge.

Q4 Is it very busy to obtain bachelor and master degrees in five years?

A4 It is not easy to earn those degrees, but students can graduate with various systematic support and a well-designed learning plan.

Q5 What can students do in the one free year? What are the advantages?

A5 Students can try various activities while they are in the University of Aizu.

Q6 Can it be an advantage for job hunting?

A6 Yes. Students can show companies that they had various activities, experiences, or skills while at university. It will give them higher employability.

Q7 Will students be given a certificate of completion of the five-year honors program at the graduation from the master's program?

A7 Yes, students will be given a certificate that shows completion of the honors program when they complete the graduate school.

Q8 Can students join the honors program halfway through college life?

A8 The honors program starts in the autumn of your first year, but depending on the conditions and vacancy, you may be able to apply for the program every six months after that.

Q9 Are there students who will drop out of the program?

A9 Students will be judged by their exam results. Furthermore, students can go back to the regular course if they wish.

Q10 What is one difference between students in the regular course and those in the honors program?

A10 Students in the honors program receive recognition as students who have high potential by joining the honors program.

"Program of Undergraduate and Master's Programs in Five Years through Integration of Two Programs" is made for taking master's degree systematically and smoothly in five years to aim for active proceeding to the graduate school for excellent students. If you want to know more details, please access the following address or please contact the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division.


Contact information

Place : Promotion Office for Super Global University

Research Quadrangles 241-F

University of Aizu

Phone number : 0242-37-2701

E-mail : sgu-office@u-aizu.ac.jp

The person in charge of the honors program : Mr. Satoru Watanabe

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