The 3 + 2 program is a five-year education program consisting of an undergraduate education at a partner university and a master's program at the University of Aizu, based on an agreement with partner universities.

1. What is the 3 + 2 program?

After studying in the partner university at the undergraduate level for three years, the students will enroll in the University of Aizu master's program, and can complete a master's degree from the University of Aizu in two years. So, the time from undergraduate admission at a partner university to graduation with a master's degree from the University of Aizu can be shortened to five years.

2. Advantages

For students

  1. It is possible to reduce costs and shorten the period in school, compared with completion of the courses independently in two universities.
  2. With broad experience from two universities in two countries, students will be at an advantage when searching for a job in companies and research institutions.
  3. Because the program is based on inter-university agreements, there is a sense of security compared to other study-abroad programs. Moreover, since students can get to know the University of Aizu already from their first year of undergraduate studies in their home university, necessary information can be collected and research plans can be made in advance.

For universities

  1. Because the program is based on inter-university agreements, outstanding students can be selected through agreement and recommendation from their advisers.
  2. The partner university will be in charge of recruiting students for the program.
  3. Awareness of both universities through international profile improvement, as well as competitiveness, will be improved through participation in this program.
  4. Research exchanges between two universities will be promoted through the supervisors of the students.

3. Entrance qualification

  • Students satisfying the following conditions will be given entrance admission:As of March 31, a person who meets any one of the following (A-C), and has earned enough credits in his/her undergraduate program with excellent results
    A. A person who has enrolled in a university for three or more years
    B. Those who have completed more than 15 years of school education in foreign countries
    C. Those who have taken correspondence education offered by a foreign school in Japan, and completed education equivalent to 15 years of formal education at a foreign institute
  • A recommendation letter is required from the advisor/teacher of the student, in his/her university,
  • The application must be approved by the Academic Affairs Committee of the graduate school.

Excellent results: English ability (for example) TOEFL iBT 80, CET6; GPA ranking of the university, record of awards, etc. will also be considered.

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