1 + 1 program of the partner universities (University of Aizu Dual Degree Program)

1. What is the 1 + 1 program?

Students in this program will be awarded master's degrees (MSc) from both the University of Aizu and its partner university, on the basis of the credit transfer and a thesis co-supervised by professors in both universities. In other words, students can get two (dual) master's degrees, one from The University of Aizu, and the other from the partner university if they satisfy all the conditions and requirements defined in the agreement and regulation in each university master's program.

The students will study in the graduate school of the partner university for one year, and then go to the graduate school of the University of Aizu from the 2nd year for one year.

2. Advantages

Benefits for the students

  1. Students can experience different cultures.
  2. Students can have a wide choice of study subjects.
  3. It is possible to reduce the cost and shorten the period of the master's program, compared with achieving two master's degrees independently at two universities.
  4. Students can have a wider choice of careers when job hunting. This dual degree program will be advantageous for getting a job in companies and research institutions. In the current globalization environment, living and studying in a foreign country is an experience that is highly valued by companies and research institutions. In particular, experience in Japan, such as internship in a Japanese company, will be an attractive experience for non-Japanese students.
  5. As the program is supported by inter-university agreements, there is a sense of security, as compared to other study-abroad programs.

Benefits for the universities

  1. The universities can obtain a better international reputation and recognition and can attract more international students.
  2. Complementarity with the partner schools, such as mutual course attendance can be obtained.
  3. Collaborative research between the two universities will be promoted through the co-supervisors of the students.
  4. Activation of research by outstanding graduate students enrolled in the program can be expected.
  5. International exchange and communication between the two regions will be promoted.

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