March 15, 2017

No.9 March issue was published.

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<Implementation of Honors Program from AY 2017>
Honors Program will start from AY 2017. The purpose of this program is to discover and nurture global and unique talents, and to encourage students to go to graduate school. The following items from 1) to 3) will be packaged as "Honors Program", and students will be given a program certificate when they participate in the activities and make great achievements.
When the above content was reported in the Deans and Directors Council on February 22, 2017, many people were positive for promoting the program. TGU will consider the strategy of student selection, and expand the activities and support measures of the program.

1) Activities
- Honors Course: "Basic Manufacturing Course, Programming Contest Preparation Course, etc.
- Extracurricular activities: Silicon Valley Internship Program, Hackathon Contest, etc.
-Advanced integrated five-year programs
- Overseas ICT support activities, etc.
2) Support measures: Use of Aizu Geek Dojo, Early laboratory assignment, etc.
3) Awards of the program

Issue & Task
<Course Syllabi of English Version>
UoA has increased the number of AY 2017 course syllabi of English version. The syllabi are utilized by not only enrolled students but also prospective students inside and outside of Japan. The goals of AY 2023 of TGU concept is to reach 100% of course syllabi of English version for both undergraduate and graduate courses.We have steadily promoted globalization of the campus.

AY 2016 AY 2017
Number of course syllabi of English version 161 195
Whole number of course syllabi 205 204
Ratio of the English version (%) 78.5 95.6
Graduate Number of course syllabi of English version 121 113
Whole number of course syllabi 131 115
Ratio of the English version (%) 92.4 98.3
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