February 08, 2017

No.8 February issue was published.

No8 SGU KAWARABAN Feb 2017.pdf

<Trial Operation of Challenger Badge System>
Challenger Badge System will be available for UoA students soon, and trial operation will be start from AY2017.
The System Overview
・ The system will be used to evaluate students by providing the badges for their participation and award of extracurricular activities such as international events and Hackathon contests.
・ The system will enable students to create connections in their interesting field through simplified SNS functions.
・ Students are expected to increase their learning motivation through the system evaluation on various activities. In addition, the students with achievements can catch more attention from companies when job hunting.
・ Companies can know the students' skills through the evaluation system and refer to the information for recruitment.
・ The APP can be download from Google Play and iOS APP Store soon.
・ For details of the system, please visit our website. https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/sgu/badge/
Explanatory Meeting for Students
Schedule:February 17th, 2017 (after Guidance for Enrolled Students)
Content:Introduction of the system, installation of the application
※Briefing of the system for faculty and staff members is under consideration.

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