January 18, 2017

No.7 January issue was published.

No7 SGU KAWARABAN Jan 2017.pdf

Issue & Task
<Request for Cooperation of Student Class Evaluations>
Student Class Evaluations for graduate school will be implemented on the website to improve the quality of education with students' opinions from Q4, 2017 as well as undergraduate school.
Rate of Student Class Evaluations is a part of TGU Concept. The intermediate evaluation for the TGU Concept of UoA will be implemented in 2017, and we need to report our achievements from 2014 to 2016 to MEXT. Therefore, we would highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

<Evaluation Method for Graduate School>
Period:During the last 2 weeks in Q4
Method:Online Questionnaire
Targeted Courses:
1) Courses in Q4; The same format as undergraduate school
2) Research Seminar I・II (Graded by the end of March); Free description

<Special Seminar of "Culture and History of Aizu" ~ICTG~>
education courses started from last December.
Date/Time:January 7, 2017 9:00-12:30
Location:Aizu Keikodo, adult education center
Lecturer:Aizu History Course Organizer: Mr. Shinichi Noguchi, Prof. Mizuo Kansen, Prof. Shigeyuki Aoki, Prof. Tatsuki Kawaguchi, Personnel of the Office for Promotion Arifumi Saito
Attendees:15 UoA students (eight international students),20 Aizu High School students, and 20 citizens (Total 44)
This special seminar was held in collaboration between "Five Years Anniversary of Aizu Keikodo Project" and "UoA Collaboration Project: Aizu-Machinaka Campus". The theme of this seminar was "Let's learn history of Aizu with your eyes and ears!" The seminar was provided in both Japanese and English. The attendees understood history and culture of Aizu deeply through the lecture by Mr. Noguchi, an exhibition "Historical Transition of Aizu with Old Maps, Photos and Paintings" and team discussion. The citizens re-discovered attractiveness of Aizu while the international students compared their cultures with Aizu's and showed interests in various ideas.

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