November 16, 2016

No.5 November issue was published.

< Expansion and Enhancement of Abroad Recruitment ~ICT Global Program (ICTG)~ >
In preparation for the recruitment of new students of ICTG in AY 2017, we have put a lot of efforts to recruit students with English education in Asian countries. On October 18 and 19, we visited the Regent of International Baccalaureate Organization Asia Pacific region, Asian Students Cultural Association, Japan-India Business Development and Consulting Company, and Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) in order to collect information and exchange opinions about the recruitment strategy. We are planning to implement the following based on the achievements from the visit. (1) Set up for the acceptance criteria of application with International Baccalaureate. (2) Use of external exams which correspond to exam systems in each country. (3) Provision of information about safety of Japan and Aizu. (4) Visit to domestic Baccalaureate high schools and international schools. (5) Enhancement of the SGU website of international student recruitment. (6) Support for international students before they enter the university. (7) Participation in the Hong Kong Fair of study abroad in Japan, etc. Your cooperation for the recruitment of international students would be highly appreciated.

< Opening "Basic Manufacturing Course" ~Trial of Honors Program~ >
"Basic Manufacturing Course" composed of six classes in all opened on October 31. The first class was about "Practice of Design Thinking and Determination of Ideas for the Prototype", and this class content successfully increased the students' motivation. In the final class on November 30, the students will give a presentation about the project they are working on now. You can see what the students are doing at Aizu Geek Dojo on the first floor of the Research Quadrangles building. As for "Programing Contest Preparation Course", the course will open in Q4, 2016.Please visit the SGU website to see the course schedule.

< Ahead of the Schedule for "Intro. Comp. S&E" ~ ICTG~ >
"Intro. Comp. S&E" for ICTG students opened on November 11, 2016. The course schedule was moved up to the date since there were not so many courses the students could take, and they requested us to provide more courses. The purpose of this course is to encourage the students to understand the significance of learning computer science and engineering at UoA.

Issue & Task
<Requested for Opening New Courses from Students of ICTG>
The time schedule of ICTG was arranged by means of opening new courses so that the 1st year students can earn 16 credits in Q3 and Q4 (Gap term). These 16 credits correspond to one-eighth of the credits required for graduation (128 credits). However, the number of courses in English is limited since the courses for 1st year Japanese students are mostly provided in Japanese. Therefore, there are not so many courses the ICTG students can take. Given this situation, the students have requested us to provide more opportunities for them to take the courses and earn credits earlier.
Consequently, we are organizing the time schedule for ICTG students entering in AY 2017 to take more courses in English. Your cooperation and understanding would be highly appreciated.

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