September 07, 2018

No.18 Aug & Sep issue was published.

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<English Skills and TOEIC Test>

From AY2018, TOEIC scores were set as a requirement for 2nd year students advancing into 3rd year. TOEIC scores are used by many companies for recruiting and are taken as an index in selecting employees for department transfers and overseas assignment. English skills are not only required for their learning on campus, but also are important for their job hunting and working. Our goal of TGU project is that 55% students among all students get over 500 marks in TOEIC in AY2023. However, it is hard to evaluate students' English ability currently because of the small number of TOEIC test takers (especially for 2nd~4th year and graduate students).

Students can take the TOEIC-IP test at a discounted price (3,075 yen) at UoA, and also can receive a financial incentive according to their TOEIC scores. Please encourage students to take the TOEIC test to improve their English skills.

# Test date: 2018/12/5, 2019/2/16

# Skill Enhancement Support (financial incentive)(Undergraduate students only)

- TOEIC over 500 points: TOEIC-IP SW test fee will be subsidized

- TOEIC over 600/under 730 points: 10,000 yen

- TOEIC over 730/under 860 points: 20,000 yen

- TOEIC over 860 points: 30,000 yen

*Maxim of incentive is 30,000 yen

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