July 26, 2018

No.17 Jun & Jul issue was published.

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Issue & Task

<Increase of International Students and Financial Support>

It has been three years since ICT Global Program started. 7 students will graduate in Sep. 2018 and 13 new students (S1;8, S3; 5) will enroll our university in Oct. There will be 34 ICTG students in total at our university in AY2018. Our goal is to increase the number of ICTG students up to 64 in AY2023. Also, we continue to increase the number of graduate students.

It is important for international students not to have financial anxiety in order to concentrate on their study.

There are several scholarship programs available for int'l students such as Japanese Government and relevant foundations / organizations. However, each scholarship is highly competitive, and limited in terms of applicant eligibility, and number of recipients. Therefore, all applicants cannot be a recipient of scholarships. SAISUA (Support Association for International Students of the University of Aizu) has supported for int'l students with their scholarship, which gives the students more opportunities to receive financial support. In June, 2018, 3 int'l students were selected as the recipient.


Excellent academic performers have chances to receive a scholarship because academic transcript is a significant part of the evaluation to select the recipients. Consequently, we strongly encourage the students to study with Japanese students at OFLS (Office for Learning Support) and GL (Global Lounge).

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