May 30, 2018

No.16 Apr & May issue was published.

No16 SGU KAWARABAN Apr&May 2018.pdf


<Overseas Study Report AY2017>

19 students joined the overseas program in AY2017. Comments from the students are shown below.

* Original texts are shown on the OSIP website.

Mid-term Program

- Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (USA): 2017/Aug - 2018/Mar. 6 months. 1 student.

Short-term Program

- Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (USA):2018/Mar. 3 weeks. 10 students.

- Waikato University (New Zealand): 2018/Mar. 3 weeks. 8 students.


<Encouragement for Overseas Study>

UoA received the following feedbacks as its challenges from MEXT in the TGU Mid-term evaluation. Considering the feedbacks below, our overseas program will be an important key to tackle on the challenges.

- Students' English skills should be more improved.

- Students' English skills should be assessed objectively.

- Interaction between Japanese and international students should be encouraged through classes.

- The number of students joining mid/long-term overseas program should be increased.

- (other request) UoA's curriculum for each field is preferred to be accredited by a third-party institutions.

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