September 12, 2017

No.12 Aug & Sep issue was published.

No12 SGU KAWARABAN Aug&Sep 2017.pdf

Issue & Task

Providing the Badges to Students ~ Challenger Badge System

UoA-SGU office promotes the program of Challenger Badge System. The system is used to evaluate students by providing the badges for their participation of extracurricular activities such as Hackathon, contests, and regional contribution activities. Aims of this program are to increase students' motivation and take advantage in their job hunting.The badges are provided by applying from students. SGU office encourages the students to get the badges.


Enrollment of Int'l Students ~ICTG~

Sixteen int'l students of ICT Global Program All-English Undergraduate Course AY 2017 will enroll in UoA. Some Japanese students are selected as buddy. Buddies support int'l students' campus life and paperwork. We hope the buddies to be active for helping the new int'l students.

  • Sep. 28th (Thu) : Orientation for int'l students
  • Sep. 29th (Fri) : Entrance ceremony

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