April 24, 2018

Silicon Valley Internship Program Application Guide

Seminer will held on May 10th, 2018. https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/sgu/en/events/2018.html

1 Objective
This is a short-term development internship program at an overseas office of the University of Aizu, utilizing a network built by Promotion Office for Super Global University and Silicon Valley. The purpose of this program is to nurture and produce talents who will play a significant role in global society through this development training in Silicon Valley where many excellent talents have promoted the cutting-edge ICT technology. In line with this program, the university aims at organizing an educational environment to lead ICT field as a pioneering university and boost international competitiveness of the university.
2 Program Overview
Development training program in Japan (venture companies in Aizu) and the US (Silicon Valley)
Subsidy for this three-week program is partially provided.

3 Number of Position:
  8 ~ 10 students

4 Program Content 
Students will mainly work on development related to IoT (Internet of Things) integrated between software and digital device, and will give a presentation about their prototype in front of many engineers and researchers. Further, the students will visit educational institutions such as local university, world-famous companies, etc.

 (1) Pre-training program (University of Aizu)
 (2) Overseas training program (Silicon Valley)
  ① Development training program (Hacker Dojo)
  ② Visit to local universities and companies
  ③ Presentation about content of the development in Mini Maker Faire
 (3) Post-training program (University of Aizu)

5 Training Period (tentative)
 (1) Pre-training program: August 13, 2018 ~ August 17, 2018 (tentative)
 (2) Overseas training program: August 21, 2018 ~ September 4, 2018 (tentative)
 (3) Post-training program: October 19, 2018 (tentative)

6 Application Qualification and Requirements
 (1) Undergraduate or master students at University of Aizu, including international students.
 (2) Students are required to participate in all days of both pre-training and overseas training programs.
 (3) Students are required to be healthy in both physically and mentally, which doesn't interrupt study and daily life in the US.
 (4) Students are required to give a presentation in Maker Faire in Silicon Valley. 
 (5) Students are required to share a room with another student in the accommodation.
 (6) Students are preferred to have experience for course or activity related to business. (IT Nisshinkan Basic Course, Venture Factory, ICT Global Venture Factory, Hackathon, Ideathon, etc.)
 (7) Students are required to accept the following matters after the program.
  ① Students submit a report on the training program.
  ② Students cooperate to answer the program questionnaire and submit it due to
the deadline when they are requested.
  ③ Students give a presentation about the achievements of development and exchange activities to the university and the community.

7 Subsidized Expenses
The following expenses will be covered within the limits of the budget.
 (1) Travel expenses (domestic and overseas travel expenses)
  ・Transportation expenses based on travel provision of the university (flight ticket: economy class)
 (2) Hotel expenses
 (3) Travel insurance
  ・Students are required to purchase a study abroad insurance with Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS). As for the procedure of insurance application, the students need to follow instruction from the university.
 ※ Students need to pay for passport application, ESTA or Visa application, Hacker Dojo registration and food expenses by themselves.
 ※ESTA is a travel authorization provided to travelers without the visa who will stay in the US for short-term business or sightseeing within 90 days. ESTA is provided on online before boarding on airplane or ship leaving for the US.

8 Subsidy Amount and Payment
Information on the subsidy amount will be announced to the successful candidate students with the document. As for the payment, the students pay for the whole expenses in advance, and the subsidy amount will be determined based on proof documents (receipts, flight ticket, etc.) after the program. Therefore, the students need to keep the proof documents and submit them to Promotion Office for Super Global University immediately after coming back to Japan.
Note: Expenses without proof documents might not be covered. (However, receipt of domestic transportation fee is not necessary.)
9 How to Apply
Application documents shall be submitted to Promotion Office for Super Global University (#123, 1<sup>st</sup> floor of Research Quadrangles building). The following documents are necessary to be submitted. (Application deadline is May 18, 2018 no later than 5 PM)

【Application Documents】
 ・Application forms (distributed in Promotion Office for Super Global University )
 ・Copy of certificate of achievement for Hackathon, Ideathon, etc. if it applies.
 ・Copy of certificate of English ability (TOEIC, Eiken, etc.)

10 Selection and Notification of Results
Shall be done as following
 (1)1st selection (document examination) based on submitted application form and transcript. (2018/5/21)
 (2)Notification for the 1st selection results.
 (3)2nd selection (interview by English) for the successful candidates of 1st selection. (2018/5/24 or 25)
 (4)Notification for the 2nd selection results. (2018/5/29)

11 Annulment/discontinuance of participation right and refundment of subsidy
Before, after or during the Program, if any of following issues are occurred, annulment/discontinuance of participation right and student(s) must refund all or partial amount of subsidy spent on him/her.
 (1)When false information on application form is found
 (2)When student(s) is given disciplinary punishment
 (3)When student(s) withdraw permanently from the university
 (4)When the university decided to cancel the Program due to unavoidable safety and security reason
 (5)When student(s) withdraw from the Program with his/her own reason, fees of canceling participation and subsidy which already spent shall be repaid.
 (6)When student(s) missed any of events/programs at the site with valid reason.
 (7)When student(s) held non-Japanese passport, who couldn't obtain the Visa of United States.

12 Contact
 Promotion Office for Super Global University, Center for Globalization

 Research Quadrangles 1F, Rm. 123
 E-mail: sgu-adm@u-aizu.ac.jp
 Tel:0242-37-2701 Fax:0242-37-2766

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