May 15, 2020

No.25 2020 Spring was issued.


<Message from Director of Center for Globalization>
Professor Ian WILSON has been newly appointed Director of Center for Globalization.

<SOVO Project in 2019 / Alternative Project was Implemented in Aizu>
Instead of going to Dalian we did a part of training in the university for some applicants due to COVID-19 at the beginning of March.

<BIG Increase in the number of applications for AY2020 ICTG program!>
This mainly benefits from the UoA's growing reputation through continuous publicity and due to our flexible admission system accepting various kinds of exams.

<Efforts to Prevent COVID-19 Infection in Center for Globalization>

<Application for the ICTG Course is also available for Japanese Students (3rd-year or above!)>

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