September 17, 2019

What is the Silicon Valley Internship Program?

In the Silicon Valley Internship Program, students stay in Silicon Valley for 2 weeks to develop systems through communication with local engineers and visit local companies and universities.


We provide two courses in the program.

The course A: Developing a system and visiting local companies or universities in Silicon Valley.
The course B: Developing a system in local company in Silicon Valley.

Orientation for participatnts on July 24th;

After the students recruitment and selection in April, an orientation for participants was held on July 24th.
Students introduced themselves in the orientation and discussed what they would develop in Silicon Valley.


They made a decision that each student made a prototype for a month and made a presentation in the send-off party on August 22nd.


Presentation and send-off party on August 22nd;

A send-off party for seven students was held at FaBo (a venture company made up of graduates from the UoA) on August 22nd. They also made their presentations on their prototypes in the party.

Prof. Anh T. Pham, Deputy Manager of Center for Globalization, and Mr. Jiro Iwase, Director of UoA, participated in the party to encourage students promoting their designs.

Students took a 3-day's lectures and training on the IoT skills and product development.
On the send-off party, they made presentations on their prototypes. One student showed "a device that recognizes and reacts to multiple screws using AI", and another student explained "A device that detects the color of an object using the image recognition function and points to the correct color".


Students stay in Silicon Valley from August 27th to September 9th. They're going to develop their products with the supports from local companies, business incubators, and universities.

The details of the progress in Silicon Valley will be updated soon.

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