May 24, 2019

No.21 2019 Spring issue was published.


<Japanese students are welcome to join the ICTG course>
Japanese students can join the ICT Global All-English course (ICTG course) in April 2019. The ICTG course is an undergraduate course to give lectures and exercises entirely in English. Students who complete the course will obtain a bachelor's degree and an ICTG Course Completion certificate.
  • Int'l and JP students take classes together in English.
  • Students can interact each other through classes.
  • Period of joining the course: the Q1 or Q3 of the 2nd year
  • Application procedure: Submit an application form to SAD
  • Learning CS in English!
  • Improving communication skills in English!
  • Developing friendship with int'l and JP students!
  • Enhancing understanding of internationalization on a global environment!
  • Being familiar with English environment for those who are interested in the graduate course or the Integrated Undergraduate-Master's Program.
  • Developing practical English skills and taking advantage of appealing in the applications and the interview of overseas studies and internships.
An orientation of ICTG course for JP 2nd year students was held on April 16th, 2019. Many participants had experiences of short-term overseas studies or joining in Buddy Program. Some students submitted the applications immediately after the orientation.
Issue & Task
ICTG course for JP students will offer the students' globalization and developing CS technologies, improvement of UoA's educational level, and PR of UoA's education. In addition, it will be a solution to the issues of 1) increasing interaction between JP and int'l students and 2) improving English skills of Japanese students and mentioned by MEXT in the 4th year Mid-term evaluation of TGU project (AY2017).
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