September 19, 2019

On September 18, 2019, AY2019 degree conferment ceremony was held at the lounge of the University of Aizu.


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This autumn, 14 students graduated from the Undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering. Among them, 7 students graduated from ICTG course.

13 students from the Master's Program and 8 students from the Doctoral program were conferred with degrees.

At the ceremony, president Ryuichi Oka conferred academic degree diplomas to each student.
Following congratulatory addresses by the university president, representative graduate Nguyen Van Duc gave his farewell address.
He talked about his rich student life and ambition for the future.




Graduates took commemorative photos with professors, staff and their friends.

After the conferment ceremony, a UoA Supporters Association-sponsored Graduation Party was held at the UoA student hall "Keyaki".
The buffet-style commemorative party has been filled with a harmonious atmosphere, and the students spent a relaxing time by chatting and taking pictures with others.

There are various future career paths after graduation such as going to graduate school of UoA, working in Japan, or returning to their home countries.
They pledged to be active in each respective fields with the experiences gained from the University of Aizu.

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