Global Office for Learning Support

Currently, at the Office for Learning Support (), advice related to learning has been provided for students by special staff and assistants of graduate student.

In line with Top Global University (TGU) Project, the following systems will be created to expand the support functions.

  • Provisions of learning advice for international students
  • Introduction of laboratories and professors to the international students
  • Advices for students to enter the graduate school

For construction of effective support system, we have considered and discussed the issues and solutions. Additionally, training programs for the special staff and the assistants have been voluntarily carried out, and we aim to create an environment to support the international students' college life and study.

Further, we will strengthen support system in collaboration with the Global Lounge and improve students' learning effect.

The Global Office for Learning Support is a space to provide students with learning support on a daily basis. In the space, students can work on preview and review of lectures and exercises and feel free to ask the special staff and the assistants a variety of questions. For more information, please visit the following page.

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