What is the collection of the "technical innovation, start-ups, and oversee internship courses" ?

  • Entrepreneurial education is one of the highlighted features. The series of courses provide students for opportunities to learn and practice their potentials.
  • UoA faculty members will coordinate to invite researchers, developers and ventures domestically and globally, namely from Silicon Valley. This initiative offers the top-flight knowledges and experiences.
  • The program consists of courses related to start-ups and our international bases. It is an educational system from basic learning to internship and start-ups.

What is the objective of the program?

  • For students, places where they can learn and apply ICT skills to innovations will be offered.
  • Development and use of core techniques will be promoted, aiming at increasing students' competency.
  • Brainstorming ability will increase among students. Networking opportunities will be offered.
  • By cultivating start-up spirits among students and generating ICT innovation, students are expected to contribute on Fukushima prefecture and local region.

Distinctive course

In addition to existing start-up related courses, consistence between undergraduate and graduate school.

Existing course: Workshops for experiencing ventures "Aizu IT Nishikann"

Aizu IT Nishikann is a course offered under cooperation with ventures and organizations around the University of Aizu. It consists of a basic venture-related course and several workshops for experiencing start-ups. The purpose is to cultivate innovation spirit and the related knowledge among students.

Venture basic course (2nd to 4th year undergraduates)

The venture basic course features venture spirit and necessary knowledge on venture. The course will be taught by guest lectures working in different fields alternately. They will teach students a wide range of knowledge and needs of the users and society, based on their first-hand experiences in start-ups and business world.

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