The University of Aizu is going to commence the Advanced ICT Global Program - an English-based bachelor degree program - in October 2016.

What is the Advanced ICT Global Program?

  • Starting from 1st year undergraduate, by taking general education courses and specialized courses all in English, students can graduate from the undergraduate school.
  • This program pursues innovation and development in the field of ICT and features a wider range of computer science and engineering. In addition, subjects such as Japanese language courses and "culture and history of Aizu" are offered. The students will be able to understand regional identity through experiences in Japanese culture and then take an active part in the world based on the identity.
  • This program adopts the international examinations, such as SAT and IELTS, which will bring convenience to foreign applicants. The same applies to Japanese nationalities and foreign residents in Japan.
  • This program will offer short-term studying abroad and overseas internships as a regular course.

Ÿ Purpose of This Program

  • This is the first all-in-English academic program in Japan which features computer science and engineering professional education. It provides undergraduate students the opportunity to learn basic knowledge of computer science and engineering and practical skills in English.
  • Under this program, international students and Japanese students will study and live together. This effort offers students multicultural and global experiences, aiming at their growth as global talents.

Ÿ Importance of This Program

  • By accepting the higher number of excellent students from all over the world, the environment for international education in our university will be improved.
  • Japanese students will have wonderful influences from international students in similar ages with them. This environment allows students to feel overseas much closer to them. They are expected to be more active in attending globalization programs such as studying abroad and overseas internship.


Ÿ Curriculum Features of This Program

  • Our curriculum follows the worldwide standard for computer science: ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula.
  • We provide active learning in small groups, hands-on research, and workshops.
  • We encourage international students to do internship in Japanese companies or in a third-party country (i.e. a country neither Japan nor the homeland of the student).

Ÿ Expected Outcomes

  • The number of foreign students who study in the undergraduate school, the number of students who go to graduate school, and the number of excellent foreign talents who work for Japanese companies and local ventures will be increased.
  • Establish international networks will be established among foreign and Japanese students who share the international awareness.
  • A multicultural campus will be created and diversity communication will be promoted through student circles (club activities), where Japanese and foreign students enjoy activities together.
  • Exchange with local regional community and internationalization of the local community will be promoted by introduction of international culture.

Ÿ Honors Program

  • Undergraduates at the ICT Program can also participate in the Honors Program starting from their second year if they meet the requirements. Students who join the two programs can take the courses of both programs, and obtain bachelor and master's degrees in five years at shortest.


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