What is English Class for Administrative Staff?

English classes have been provided once a week for administrative staff members, mainly for proper staff members at the University of Aizu.

For globalization of the campus and the staff members, providing English classes will motivate them to improve their English skills and communicate with international faculty members and students in English.

Goals of this Program

  • Improvement of faculty and staff members' English skills
  • Provisions of opportunities for proper staff members with high English capabilities to join domestic and overseas training programs including personnel exchange activities
  • Nurture of proper staff members capable of dealing with advanced international tasks


The English class for administrative staff has started since December, 2014. Although only beginner classes opened at first, intermediate and advanced classes are now provided separately. Including study of practical and useful conversation skills on campus, the participants in the advanced class join a discussion meeting once a month. At the beginning and end of the classes in each semester, the participants can take a level check test to check their English proficiency and improvement.

In addition, "Lunch Meeting" has been held on Tuesdays for staff members. A professor at the Center for Language Research joins the meeting to help them improve their English abilities, and the staff members enjoy free English conversation while having lunch.

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