Components of Challenger Badge System

The challenger badge system is to support students' self-promotion during job hunting and so on by displaying digital badges that indicate students' experiences and skills. This system is enabled by special applications.

The challenger badge system consists of the following three parts:

    1. Server
    2. Application (For iPhone and Android)
    3. Management functions

  1. The server controls the functions of Apps (e.g., searching for events, receiving badges and so on, and the functions of management (e.g., showing statistical results of event attendees), in addition to providing a badge pool.
  2. Apps provide services of searching and joining events and receiving badges. Also our Apps provide some social functions, including setting up followers.
  3. Management functions can help manger see event information in a detailed way, e.g., list of events and their attributes in graphical format. Also it provides an interface to let managers award /cancel badges .


Currently, we provide the following five kinds of badges.

Hackthon/contest, Campus Activities, Local Activities, Study/Hands-on, System


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