What is the Challenger Badge System

  • The challenger badge system is used to evaluate students in terms of such extra-curricular actives as international events, hackathon, programming contests.

  • Based on the following construction, students can make or join virtual human networks that they are interested in.

  • By studying together, they can enhance their motivation to learn.

What are the purposes?

  • To evaluate student activities that cannot be evaluated by grades, including, but not limited to, extra-curricular activities, international events, hackathon, programming contest
  • To motivate students' learning
  • To share effective learning methods and know-how among students


  • Can evaluate students from various points of views
  • Developed through collection of ideas and comments from industry, university faculty and staff members, and students
  • Can collect and organize evidence of students' attendance at extra-curricular events

Expected results

  • Due to social factors, students' learning will be encouraged through cooperation and competitio
  • Students can be positively influenced by other active students by attending activities.
  • Students' competence will increase.

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